Stacey Korfiatis is an Australian artist redefining beauty

Presenting the body as a map of experiences, Korfiatis’ paintings revere imperfections, appreciating physical form as more than the sum of its parts regardless of size, age or ability.

Baring all: surgical scars, birth marks, stretch marks, wrinkles, and body hair, Korfiatis’ subjects tell their stories via the visual effects of time and experience. While many of her models require mobility aids, by presenting them with neither aid nor costume, Korfiatis avoids positioning her subjects as “other” and instead draws attention to what makes us similar.

Exhibiting Australia-wide, Korfiatis has been shortlisted for numerous prizes and awards including the Stanthorpe Art Festival, the Bluethumb, Waverley and Graeme Hilderbrand Art Prizes, fortyfivedownstairs Emerging Artist Award and the Lester Prize. Korfiatis holds a Bachelor of Visual Art from Monash University.