Milkbar Mag – Interview

Milkbar Mag – Interview


By Christine Fotis

A painting sits within its frame. Right? In Threshold, the new exhibition by Melbourne painter and jeweller Stacey Korfiatis, she challenges not only this conventional take on how a painting is presented, but also how both women artists are regarded and how female subjects are displayed in the male-dominated art world.

The six paintings in this stunning series of sculptural oil-on-canvas female nudes incorporate the raw wooden frames into the artwork themselves. It’s not often you see the painting literally sitting on top of its frame. The model interacts with the frame; sometimes she’s climbing onto it, looking strong and playful. Sometimes she’s underneath it, trapped and vulnerable. The inside of the frame is left blank, with only the empty space of the white wall behind showing through.

Milk Bar Mag caught up with Stacey and asked her about her artwork and where she draws inspiration from.

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